Please give your designs specific names that will be used in the file name as well as when you are placing your order.
Example: Customer Name: JOHN BROWN/ Design Name: Brooklyn / Filename: JB_Brooklyn.pdf

We prefer VECTOR files(.ai, .pdf, .svg, or .eps).

Please be sure to do the following to your file:

Convert all fonts to outlines
Make sure all placed are 300 dpi and are linked to the file
Convert all colors to Spot Colors (PMS/Pantone Colors (Pantone solid coated)
Save art to size (at the physical dimensions that you would like it to be printed)
We also accept RASTER files (.psd, .tif, .pngs, .jpg)

Please be sure to do the following to your file:

Create art at the physical size that you want it to be printed and save files at 300dpi
Please keep all layers and save art on a transparent background.
Please discard all unused layers.
Additional charges apply for four-color & simulated process separations)
For raster is your responsibility to supply a high-resolution (300 dpi) file.

NOTE: We cannot work from low-resolution/72 dpi files that are commonly found on the internet.

HINT: Zoom in on the image. If the picture has blurred/fuzzy edges- it is not suitable for printing. Resizing small does not improve the quality of a low-res image.

Please send all art ready to print. If it needs work, you may be charged an art fee. Of course, our sales and/or art department will confirm with you before hand, so you can authorize any additional changes & charges.
Also include a visual mock up of where you would like the designs printed on the garment.
This can be done using our spec sheets template.


Please indicate if there are any Pantone PMS colors that need to be matched. Pantone matching cannot be 100% guaranteed and is an additional fee of $15 per color match. Please specify Pantones from the Pantone Solid Coated library.